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Creative Alley Productions is an independent motion picture and television production company that still believes in the word 'independent.' Working outside the fat folds of the Hollywood studio system, we have completed numerous screenplays from high action thrillers and horror films to hilarious comedies and intense dramas.

Without having to write under the studios' guns, we have been able to create screenplays that are uniquely different in content, style, and storyline. The success of Creative Alley is largely based on the belief that making films is really the pursuit of art and the expression of individualism. For that reason alone, many successful and recognized actors, producers, and directors have lent their talent, expertise, and valuable time (as well as their financial support) to be a part of the Creative Alley experience.

If you are an industry professional interested in obtaining one of our scripts, or if you would like to know more about Creative Alley Productions, please contact us directly at

Life is too short to make bad movies.

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Creative Alley
Creative Alley
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