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February 23rd, 2004






‘Alley’s’ Keiber Is ‘Without A Trace’

Creative Alley Productions’ cofounder to star on CBS’s ‘Without a Trace’


Los Angeles, Ca. - Feb. 23, 2004 – Creative Alley Productions cofounder announced today that he will be starring in an upcoming episode of Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘Without A Trace’, the Emmy Award winning CBS show.


‘Without A Trace’ is one of CBS’s hit shows and stars Anthony LaPaglia as the FBI agent in charge of a crack squad of agents whose job it is to find missing persons. The episode, starring Keiber, was directed by noted actor Tim Matheson. 


 “It was great working with Tim. I’ve always been an admirer of his work as an actor, and now I’m a true fan of him as a director.” says Keiber.


Keiber has been working with the shows casting director, Gary Zuckerbrod, for several months to find the part that would be the perfect fit for him. Finally, Keiber was asked to come in and meet with Matheson and Zuckerbrod, and they all agreed that the role of ‘Buddy’ was the perfect part for him to play.


‘Without A Trace’ airs on CBS Thursday nights at 10pm. immediately following TV’s most popular show, CSI. The episode starring Keiber will air on March 25th.



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