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April 25, 2008


Creative Alley's Christian Keiber heads to the "E.R." on NBC's hit drama.


Los Angeles, CA. – April 24, 2008 – NBC announced today that Christian Keiber, co/founder of the Los Angeles based independent film production company Creative Alley Productions, will be starring opposite actors Steve Buscemi and Stanley Tucci in the role of 'Panicali', a U.S. Marshal investigating a suspected mob hit, on the award-winning television series "E.R." finale.


"It happens to be the first show I auditioned for two weeks after I arrived in town many years ago," Keiber said, "Funny how things in Hollywood come full circle."


Keiber will begin shooting his six day episode of "E.R." all next week to be aired next month on NBC.


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